What Our Patients Say About Our Bellingham Dentist | Robert Chester, DDS

I had a dental emergency while traveling (which is no fun at all) and Dr. Chester was exceptionally accommodating. He saw me as soon as I could get to his office, did an immediate diagnosis, gave me a complete explanation, fixed the problem and had me on my way in no time at all. I have sensitive teeth and usually leave the dentist's office with a very sore mouth, especially when the numbing medicine wears off. I had no pain at all and the fixed tooth felt completely natural. Thank you, Dr. Chester! I'm seriously thinking of scheduling another trip around the time of my next check-up!

Helen N.

The staff at Dr. Chester's are the best! Every time I walk in they give a smile and welcome me by name. They ask about my kids and how the family is doing. I just really appreciate how warm and friendly they are! And Dr. Chester, as well as the dental hygienists, are very knowledgable and explain everything thoroughly. When I go there I know I'm getting the best dental care possible.

Emily L.

Dr Chester and his staff are a class act. My dad is a retired dentist so when I moved to Bellingham I had a hard time finding a dental practice that lived up to my expectations. Dr Chester and his staff have surpassed my expectations and I actually get excited to go there just to say hi to everyone. Plus they keep up on the latest technology with ongoing training and it's evident in their work. I highly recommend them.

Joel T.

The standard of care Dr. Chester and his team provide is amazing! They are so kind and do not pass judgement because you haven't focused as much on your teeth as you should have, but really help you to figure out which treatment options are best for you and your needs. I highly recommend Dr. Chester to all of my friends and family and plan on seeing him as long as he is in practice. Finally, I have found my dental home!

Sarah P.

By far the best dental experience i have ever had! Dr. Chester uses top of the line technology to provide his clients with the best possible service. His photographic feedback screens really let you see what is going on in your mouth. His staff is skilled, friendly and even humorous! I really felt cared for and like I was given the best advice from a very knowledgable and experienced dentist. Thank you!

Trillion Trees Campaign

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I always know I'm in good hands with Dr. Chester.

Heidi S.

From the first phone call to the next 3 visits I was treated so well and so gently. I had some dental ptsd from a few bad experiences and no one treated me badly. I am astonished at the patients and care from all the ladies and the dentist. They work together to make sure you are ok. I love my crowns, the color and size is perfect and look real. I never had to take even an advil! These people are great, Thank you!

Susan F.