We live in exciting  times. There is  a  growing academic  prediction that  a  combination  of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies  will ,  by the end of the 2020’s, give us  reliable, very early  detection of tooth decay and the therapeutic  methods that can stop the decay process very early and repair challenged tooth structure. This will bring new meaning  to the Phrase “Preventive Dentistry” ,  thus avoiding  the need to use the the dental drill to remove diseased tooth structure.

New  technologies in Dentistry, either  fade from general interest  or  mature to a status that help define  The Standard of Care . Our practice takes pride in keeping  technologically up-to-date, in the following areas: Early diagnosis  with Laser Tooth Decay Detection &  Digital X-Rays, more convenient and aesthetic  results thru  Single Visit Crowns and better patient education and  communication  by sharing  Intra-Oral photos  &  Digital X-Rays at the time of diagnosis with the patient. Additionally, our use of Ultrasonic Surgery has contributed to greater post-operative comfort with fewer complications associated with extractions.


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