Ultrasonic Surgery

Ultrasonic SurgeryFor years, a dentist’s only surgical tools to correct tooth and mouth issues were scalpels and drills. The prospect of these devices was enough to keep terrified patients away from the dental care they desperately needed. Today, your dental surgery options are very different thanks to ultrasonic surgery, also known as Piezosurgery.

This unique dental technology was devised as a way of safely addressing invasive dental treatments. Over the past two decades, it has become a leading choice for bone surgeries. Much of its appeal comes from keeping the surgical site sterile and bloodless. This amazing tool keeps your bone and soft tissue safe in ways previously unheard of among dental practices.

It’s not hard to understand the appeal of ultrasound surgery. Instead of painful cuts, the technology gently breaks apart bone with small, calculated vibrations. Each blast is set to offer carefully crafted removal in a way that previous equipment could not achieve during complex procedures. This option also gives each patient improved comfort and healing following the procedure; less pain during surgery equals a better experience as well as less recovery time.

Dr. Chester and his team have always been on the forefront of new dental technology, making him one of the area’s first dentists to specialize in Piezosurgery. He loves seeing patients find a new sense hope and help through this exciting procedure. Our office now uses ultrasound equipment for oral surgeries and implant placement.

We love showing patients the possibilities of Piezosurgery. The smile on their faces after much-needed dental care says it all. Call today to set up a consultation with Dr. Chester and see how the latest ultrasound surgery techniques can change your life.

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