Single Visit Crowns

Single Visit Crowns

The Basics on Dental Crowns

Crowns are used by dentists to cover part or all of a tooth in order to replace or restore it. In addition to improving the appearance of your tooth, a crown can help make your tooth stronger and increase its life span. One of the most common uses of a crown is for strengthening a tooth that has been restored with an especially large filling. This can help the tooth from cracking from the large filling and prevent the filling from falling out over time. Another common use of crowns is for attaching bridges to teeth or keeping a tooth that has been weakened over time from eventually breaking off.

Technology and dentistry have advanced to a point where the color and composite of crowns allow them to blend in naturally with other teeth. If a crown is manufactured and applied properly, you will likely not be able to notice a difference in color from your other teeth. Crowns are being used more frequently for aesthetic purposes in enhancing smiles.

Dental Crowns Can Be Completed in a Single Visit

A crown can be applied in just one visit to a dental office. Thanks to technology, a crown can be produced for your tooth right in the dentist’s office while you wait. The dentist will first examine your tooth to determine the size and shape of the crown. After the crown is manufactured, the actual procedure for getting the crown on your tooth will be fairly quick.

The office of Robert Chester, DDS is the leading option in the Bellingham area for superior dental crown work. Dr. Chester performs top-quality single-visit dental crown procedures so that patients leave with healthier and more beautiful smiles. Call today to set up your appointment.

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