Laser Tooth Decay Detection

Laser tooth decay detection technology helps identify invisible teeth cavities. However, these methods should not substitute other tests performed by your dentist. Laser tools operate by releasing safe and painless light. A fragment of this light is absorbed by the teeth, and the rest is reflected to the sensor, which provides a digital reading to illustrate the presence of cavities.

Laser Tooth Decay Detection



  • Lasers help detect cavities that an X-ray scan could not identify.


  • The tool becomes extremely sensitive in case a cavity is unclear, which may result in false readings.
  • This method only works on teeth without fillings.
  • The laser cannot identify a cavity by itself; a dentist has to provide additional examination.

    Laser Tooth Decay DetectionLaser tooth decay detection helps to complement a visual exam done by a dentist. In addition, it cannot replace an X-ray scan.

    This type of detection works perfectly when there is clear clinical proof that there is a cavity. However, some dentists have noticed that the laser tool does not work well in places where there is an old cavity, and they often have to rely on visual examinations and other dental tests to identify decay.

    What worries many medical professionals about laser tooth decay detection is its sensitivity. Some areas that the laser detects as cavities may turn out not to be cavities at all; they may simply be worn parts of the teeth that can re-materialize on their own. Some dentists recommend filling such areas before they become full cavities while others use the “wait and watch” dental examination tactic.

    Dentists often use other dental examination options when laser tooth decay detection becomes unreliable. Most insurance companies cover laser dental tests and treatments.

    At the office of Chester Robert, DDS, we believe in providing quality laser tooth detection services that address the short-term and long-term dental care needs of our clients. Call us today to schedule a dental exam.

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