Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Whenever you feel a dull ache in your mouth, you may head to the mirror and check for the cause of the discomfort. When you give in and head to your dentist, he or she will make use of a much more effective method for locating the affliction if a precursory examination with their own eyes is not enough. Taking X-rays of your mouth allows dental experts to see inside your teeth to find internal issues as well as identify potential problems before they become painful and costly later. Digital X-rays are particularly useful in that they are both time and cost effective.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

In the past, radiography involved films that had to be developed using chemicals in a separate room. These consumable resources cost money, a cost that was passed from the dental office onto the patients in order to cover day-to-day expenses. On top of that, disposing of the chemicals used to develop the films was harmful to the environment. Switching to a digital system eliminates the need for consumable materials as printouts are not often necessary. Additionally, digital X-rays do not require chemical development, which makes them more environmentally friendly. The time saved combined with the extra space no longer used to store films or develop them all trickles down to a more streamlined experience for patients.

Perhaps the most notable improvement to the X-ray process is the radiation exposure to patients. Though the film method remains completely safe, lowering exposure by up to 80 percent is a noteworthy achievement that can add to patient comfort and peace of mind.

Robert Chester, DDS

In Bellingham, Robert Chester, DDS makes use of the latest in digital X-ray imaging to ensure that patients are taken care of in a timely and affordable manner. This is only one of the innovations that lets Dr. Chester provide a high-quality experience for patients. Schedule your visit today to be treated like part of the family.

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